Parralox are an electronic dance band from Melbourne, Australia, created by John von Ahlen.
Showcasing at Miami Winter Music Conference (2013) and recording their 6th album at Subterrane Recording Studio due mid 2014

Year Song Chart Position
2013 - November Eye In The Sky iTunes Spain (link) #117
2013 - May Silent Morning iTunes Nigeria (link) #38
2013 - February Sharper Than a Knife UK Upfront Club Chart #23 (4 weeks)
2012 - April Creep USA Billboard Dance/Club Play #47
2012 - April Creep USA CMJ Chart #10
2012 - March Creep USA Billboard Breakout Chart #2
2012 - January Creep UK Commercial Club Charts #21
2012 - January Creep Gaydar Radio UK #1 (3 weeks)

The Sound Of The Crowd - a solo project created by John von Ahlen
Debut single "Wildlife" played on ABC Rage TV
Also used in the soundtrack for independent Wakeboard movie "Penny"

Before The Game - Intro theme composed by John von Ahlen / Jaime Jimenez
and recorded at Subterrane Recording Studio in 2006
Still currently in use as of September 2010 as heard on Channel 10 (Australia)

“Miss You” by Mr Jones Is featured on Big Brother on Channel 10 in 2005 ,2006 and 2007 series.
Mr Jones features John von Ahlen on lead vocals and was written, produced and mixed by John von Ahlen and Jaime Jimenez at Subterrane Recording Studio

Belinda Emmett recorded vocals and music for album “So I Am” at Subterrane. Songs include : Less Than Perfect, Deity, The Fence Song and Big Adventure “So I Am” CD Out Now.
RIP Belle xxx
Listen to "Less Then Perfect" (youtube)

Rove Live - The Rove TV Theme for 2002-2005 was recorded at Subterrane Studios (under production name of PLANET J)
The Rove Live CD included the track "Flamin' Mongrel" which was recorded at Subterrane.
Credits at 03:18 (youtube)

SKITHOUSE is a comedy show produced by Roving Enterprises, the team behind ROVE LIVE! lanet J (Subterrane) produced + wrote the theme for this TV show, as well as the incidental stings.
SkitHouse Is currently broadcast on FOXTEL / OPTUS AUSTRALIA
Credit at 00:35 (youtube)

"Get Tzatiki With It" from the movie "The Wog Boy" was composed by Nick Giannopolous/John von Ahlen/Jaime Jimenez.
It featured in the movie The Wog Boy.
Song at 00:01 (youtube)

Fat Girls (2007) movie was directed by Ash Cristian and included two songs co-written and produced by John von Ahlen at Subterrane Studios
System Addict (Cadell/Caruana/Collins/von Ahlen)
Pop My Cherry (Collins/von Ahlen)!